[:en]Everyone walks around with t-shirts displaying volcano boarding as a badge of honour. It´s regarded as one of the funnest things to do while in Leon. It´s reviewed by thousands of websites and people everyday, a right of passage thru the area.
It was clear, we had to do it.
Cerro Negro is a 726 meter volcano about 25km away from Leon. Its not the tallest volcano around but one the most active. Its actually one of the newests, with eruptions back in 1999 and one of the biggests ones in 1947, and it was so big that the people of Leon offered the Virgin Mary a small griteria (a folkloric festivity in honor of the Virgin Mary that happens every year on the night of the 7th of December) if the volcano would stop its eruptions.
There are a few companies that run tours to the Volcano, we chose Quetzaltrekkers for their business model: our money was going to fund social projects around the area for disadvantaged youth.
We met up at their office close to 8am. Our plan was to go volcano boarding then spend the next day at the beach before returning to leon and do a two day hike so we had to lock our packs at the hostel before meeting up. All went according to plan and we were on the truck just in time. About an hour later we are greeted by a onyx black mountain that sits alone in a forest. We began our ascent and after 35 minutes of sweating we are at the top. The volcano still smoked on certain areas and was visible while walking on the edge. A few minutes later and we were standing facing west, with 3 tracks open for us, ready to slide down.
Our equipment was simple: coveralls, gloves and a piece of board with two pegs where we will sit and slide. The instructions are simple: if you want to go fast, don’t put your feet out and sit closer to the rear end of the board. One after the other we all went down, Christian and I were the last ones. And it was so much fun, we walked up and did it again.
is it as fun as everyone told us? yes. Is it as memorable as everyone vividly told us? yes, it is.
Would we do it again? In a second.