[:en]We stayed in Uvita, a small town on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, for 3 nights. The center, with supermarkets and most of the main restaurants are arranged on either side of the highway. Branching off of this is a network of smaller roads that meander through the jungle to scattered hostels and houses. It was a very beautiful spot, as soon as we stepped out of our hostel we were surrounded by jungle and if you followed a dirt road about 3 min, you suddenly emerge onto the beach which stretched for several kilometers, border on one side by waves, the other dense tropical forest.
Uvita is famous for it’s “whale tale,” a narrow strip of sand that branches off from the beach and ends in rocks spreading out to either side. Only visible during low tide, you can walk all the way out into the ocean on this natural boardwalk. From the air, it looks like a perfect whale tale, hence the name. It costs $6 to enter the strip, but if you go after 3 (which we did) there isn’t anyone to collect.
Other attractions include the waterfall, which is a definite must see. One morning we split a cab with Lauren and Savanah, 2 americans we met the day before, coming out to just a dollar per person. The cab takes you all the way to the park entrance where you pay $2 per person, directly underneath the waterfall is a large pool that is deep enough to jump into, either from the edges, or if you are very brave, off the top. It is also possible to slide down the waterfall. I have to admit I chickened out after seeing a girl with her legs covered in cuts after attempting to jump the day before. After about 1/2 hour of foreigners doing flips and jumps off the edges (about 10 feet up), the locals showed up. Whenever I’ve been to a waterfall in Central America, there’s always the young hot-blooded guys thinking they’ve got it down, and then a local comes along and shows them who’s boss. Normally, and this time it held true, its a middle-aged man between 40 and 50. He walked directly to the top of the falls, and instead of stopping there, proceeded to climb even higher up the side of the cliff to the right of the waterfall. Barely stopping to pause and look down, he made a quick neat jump plunging over 30 feet below, head first. After making his point, he got out of the water, and sat down to enjoy some beers with his friends.
After we swam at the falls for a while, we started to explore the other pools created by the water spill off, hopping from rock to rock, we walked down stream until we widened into a shallow river. We kept going this way for about a mile, stopping to take swims in the river until we reached a bridge. Here we climbed out to the left, walking uphill for about 150 feet until we reached the main road near the supermarket in Uvita. From there we took a cab the remaining 3 miles back to the hostel.
Other than our trip to the falls, we primarily hung out at the beach, or utilized the great wifi connection to do some work. Uvita was a beautiful last stop in costa rica with typical tropical jungle and gorgeous beaches; it’s a good spot to hang out if you are looking for a quiet relaxed vibe.
We stayed at Flutterby, an eco-conscious hostel run by a pair of sisters from california. The structures were tree-house like, with dorm rooms poised at the second stories of the compound buildings, and open to the outside to utilize the natural AC. Each bed had a personal bed net, so no need to worry about getting eaten at night. The Kitchen was great, fully stocked with 2 stoves, and places for recycling and compost. However, my favorite part was their neatly constructed yoga deck with communal mats for guests. The staff was very helpful with transportation, so we were able to easily catch the 5 am bus to Panama from Uvita quite easily. Very neat place to stay, a little more American than we were used to, but I would definitely recommend it. Dorms were $14 per night.

Lodging: Flutterby Hostel
Kitchen: Full kitchen
Cost: 14USD/night
Date: Apr 2014
Rating: 5/5
Review: An awesome idea turned even better reality. Eco-everything with an amazing vibe. Proximity to the beach is also a plus. A favorite!