[:en]From the same owners as costeño beach, comes the jungle edition. This time the beach was replaced by a homemade natural pool, the volleyball courts were replaced by a cabin that overlooks the jungle towards water, and a family-style dinners were replaced by one of the owners cooking delicious pizza and beautiful breakfast in the morning for us. This hostel was a type of place you can see yourself spending one day but would end up spending a lot more than that. We came for one night, ended up spending an extra night and on the way out with almost didn’t leave.

Our days were filled with doing a lot of relaxing, their brand clearly works and should not be changed, ever. Dips in the pool, beers and lots of hanging out is what we did. Hard work, clearly.

Unlike Costeño Beach, Rancho Relaxo has 24/7 power but no internet. Scrabble (Spanglish version) and Monopoly while intoxicated was quite entertaining. Brian, the owner, is a very good cook and a cool guy who kept our thirst quenched and our bellies full the whole time.

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