[:en]The ride into Puerto Morelos from Valladolid was nothing to be noted about. A transfer in Cancun and we are now standing on the side of the road waiting for a cab to take us in to the town about 5km east from the main road.
How we came to connect with Om Delfin for our diving course goes back to when I lived in Canada. One of the many friends I made while in Calgary is Mexican, lives in Playa del Carmen and although I was not able to see him due to surgery, he hooked me up with Delfin and Mau. At that time Delfin was in Canada but her loyal partner Mau took care of us. Shortly after arriving in Puerto Morelos, before having a place to crash, we were signed up for diving classes the following day.
Our headquarters was a little hotel in the back of a bar called Posada Amor. It was definitely not was loud as you might think and the amazing staff of this little place made it all worth it. We had quite a few meals across the street from our hotel at a Argentinian parrilla place.
Our first day diving was a rough one because we were unable to book pool time. To make sure we were gonna keep with schedule we used the biggest pool there is for our confined water training, the beautiful Caribbean Sea. Saying that it was an easy day would be a lie, in my mind I still have a vivid memory of the rough waters, the current and trying to learn all the new skills needed for the next day. Although the session was cut a bit short due to the current getting even stronger, we successfully passed all of the skills and it wasn’t until we were a few steps away from the sand that it turned a bit sour with Danielle being stung by (what we think it was) a baby Sting Ray on her first step after removing her fins. We rushed her to the nearby medical center where she was administered some pain pills and (yes, this is true) a bucket of hot water that would eventually turn to be the salvation for these type of issues: hot water makes the venom dissipate on the tissue. In about 30 minutes we went from “the most painful thing ever” to “I’ll survive”.
The next 2 days were spent lounging and working on photos while Danielle recouped. Before we knew it we were back in the water doing our open water skills in one of the most beautiful reef systems in the world. Thousands of fishes and marine life colored our dives, it was one of the most exhilarating experiences of my (or our) life. 4 dives later, we were completely certified and more eager on diving than ever before. One of those dives, the “Fish Market” was clearly what was advertised, with thousands of fish swimming around us. On our way back the blue sky was transformed in a massive caribbean storm, which made it for an unforgettable experience both in and out of the beautiful Caribbean Sea.

-Lodging: Posada Amor
-Kitchen: No
-Cost:~$29USD (450MXN)
-Date:Oct 2014
-Rating: 4/5
-Review: An old family house turned hotel with a very friendly staff and a small bar out front. Can be a little loud on weekends but with the location and price, it’s likely you will not pass.