[:en]Reaching this surfers paradise is less than idyllic. Buses don’t really go into town or let alone close to it. So, from Rivas it was much easier to just take a taxi and that’s what we did. The plan was originally to go to Playa Gigante, but after a chat with our cabbie and him sharing with us costs, we decided to head over to the Popoyo/Guanacaste area. Again, we didn’t have any reservations anywhere, so when we showed up (5 of us) we were only able to find space at La Tica #2, a shop/restaurant/hostel at $7/night/person.
We had lunch after checking in at the store counter. A good size meal appeared in front of us after about 30 minutes of waiting that satisfied our hunger effectively. The night started very calmly, we had a couple of beers before going to bed like we had done for what seemed like forever. We got two rooms, one with 3 beds (Danielle, Lauren and myself) and one for Christian and Andrea, tired after the trip our camp went into a deep sleep until we started to hear banging from the room next to us, where the Swiss bank was sleeping. Another few minutes went by and we hear a knock, it’s Christian telling us they have a lot of Kakerlake (or cockroaches) crawling on their walls, bedside table and sheets. He’s hoping we can let them sleep in our room but before we can say anything he disappears into the night. They are eventually moved to a different room and, obviously, we switched hostels in the morning.
We moved to Guanacaste Surf, a massive improvement and for 13/each, we had a/c, kitchen and awesome hammocks to hang out. We spent the following 3 days here and served as the last spot the fantastic 5 would be together. Lauren hopped on an interesting bus from Managua to Guatemala city so that she could grab a plane to Denver. Danielle left the following day as well, she was gifted a 3 week “home trip”, so she would be spending Christmas and New Year’s Eve in San Francisco. It took me 8 hours to go back to Rivas with her in a cab, take a bus from Rivas to the Salinas point, from there I rode the shittiest minivan I have ever seen in my life for 30Km down a dirt road going at what seemed 15KM per hour. To then walk for another 3km down a dirt road with a random Austrian guy who was able to smoke while I sweated bullets. I slept deeply that night. The following day another story would commence, the story of Maderas.

-Lodging: La Tica #2
-Kitchen: No
-Date: December 2014
-Rating: 2/5
-Review: Run by a cracky Nicaragua lady and her husband. Not the cleanest of places, with a roach problem.

-Lodging: Guanacaste Surf
-Kitchen: Yes
-Cost:~$13USD. Private room with 2 doubles/ 2 single beds.
-Date: December 2014
-Rating: 4/5
-Review: A hostel that looked more like a hotel, with a private gate to the beach and all the surfer fixings. The tiny kitchen could be expanded but overall, clean and friendly staff. Wi-Fi was not the best.