About Us

Hello! This is a little bit of our story!

It all started in San Francisco.

Our story started on a cold evening walk around the piers in downtown San Francisco. Danielle had just come back from her South African and South American trip, and I, for a while, had been dreaming of leaving it all behind to see the Americas. It was probably 80% of the stuff we talked about that evening, and from day one, it has been one of the things we hold dear the most: our fascination with exploring.

It didn’t take long for us to get together and start plotting our exit strategy. Six months after we started dating, after a little too much wine on a warm summer evening, we pulled up the laptop and purchased one-way tickets to Cancun, Mexico. The plan was simple, make our way down to Colombia and from there, perhaps Europe, or Asia, or anywhere. The estimated time to get to the Northern tip of South America was three months. One year later, we had made it as far as Nicaragua.

“Be Lost” is about living, seeing, and remembering. It’s a journal and a though-vault. It’s about taking chances and saying yes to just about anything. It’s about getting to know this beautiful world and the experiences that make it all worthwhile. It’s about making choices and living with them; it’s about leaving it all behind and getting on the road with no set plan, allowing ourselves to be lost. It’s about being open to meeting new people, seeing new places, eating different food. It’s about realizing that we don’t need much to be happy and searching for that happiness in oceans, rivers, lakes, small winding roads, bustling city squares, and great broad forests. It’s about life.


A San Francisco native, Danielle has been a traveler since an early age. At 18, she embarked on her first solo trip to Durban, South Africa, where she interned at the United Nations Global Climate Change Summit. Shortly after finishing this task she boarded a plane and did it all over again in Rio de Janeiro. This experience allowed her to work with amazing people, including world-renowned British anthropologist Jane Goodall, and allowed her to travel throughout South America. Upon her return, she quickly became interested in Endermologie, a connective tissue therapy that aids in muscle recovery and healing.


Oscar has had the travel bug since an early age as well. A Colombian native, his family moved to Southern California when he was 14. Shortly after graduating high school he moved to Calgary, Canada to pursue his Visual Design and Commercial photography degree. His love for the Great White north lead him to road trip from Vancouver all the way to Princes Edward Island by car. He has been freelancing for over 7 years, and has worked for companies in both visual design and photography in California, Canada, and Colombia including the Calgary Stampede, Canadian Forces, The Red Cross, Toronto Fashion Week, Colgate, and The United Nations among others. He currently calls Berkeley home.