[:en]We left Granada early morning with aims to reach Rivas as early as possible. Rivas was never a part of our sightseeing as it just serves as a hot, busy transportation hub to San Juan Del Sur and Ometepe. We are dropped of by our chicken bus at the less than optional Rivas bus depot, we are then boarded by a handful of taxi drivers offering us a ride to San Jorge, we we are supposed to board the ferry, about 5KM east.
We are then dropped of on the parking lot of the dock and after paying our “foreigner tax”, we are allowed on the waiting area. The next ferry should arrive in about 20-30 minutes.
The ferry ride is 60 minutes long and depending on the season, it can be a calm crossing or a really rough one. We were gifted by the gods with a calm crossing and after a quick chat with the captain, he explains that the wake can sometimes be over 4 meters high. Andrea counts her lucky stars as we go since she’s quite prone to be seasick.
On the other side, again, we are greeted by a handful of taxi drivers. Christian and Andrea had their sight on staying in Santo Domingo, so after a quick chat with one of the drivers we are on our way there. $25 dollars later we arrive at Hospedaje Buena Vista, a rustic hotel with rooms and cabins for rent. We are shown a room with a double bed ($30) and single bed which fits Danielle, Lauren and myself quite nicely. Andrea and Christina choose the room next door, with just a double bed, for the same price.
The hotel itself seemed quite nice, the staff in the other hand were not as good. The restaurant was closed for the whole time we were there, so we ventured out far for food to Comedor Gloria, which sits next door to our hotel. The restaurant owners offered us to let us rent two scooters and a little motorbike for the following day, we agree to pick up the bikes the next day by 9 and return by 6.
After a quick breakfast, we check in with the owners and we are told to wait for the bikes to be fueled. We received the bikes and took photos of them, lots of them. We shake hands after having handed over two passports for the bikes. We are wild hogs riding around two red scooters and a 100 bike that sounds like its about to explode.
We head south towards Punta Gorda, we follow our GPS to a trail that is supposed to lead us to the water. After about 30 minutes walking, we reach a fence gate that we quickly open up and keep walking. The path is now taking us to what seems to be a private property but we press on. We reach the water with not very exiting view, a very anticlimactic end to our trespassing.
We ride again, this time we are searching for food. We reach a small house that advertises fish and a Nica lunch for about 4 dollars, we head in and start to wait. About 30 minutes later, after a quick nap, we get our food and there is nothing special to write about that. The afternoon is fast coming to an end, so we try to make one more stop at Ojo de Agua (Water Eye), a spring water pool and by far the clearest water I’ve ever been into. We jump, swing and were kids for about an hour before we jump on our motorbikes to race back to return them. We are greeted by a group of drunk guys waiting for us on the side of the road, we guess they drank every single penny we gave them that day. A quick google search for the name of the restaurant returns a long list of people writing horror stories about these guys, I now count myself lucky as all they complained about was us being late, after we quickly told them we were within the time, they handed over our passports, we handed the keys back to them and they rode into the night zigzagging. We never saw them or the bikes for the remaining of our time there.Our time in Ometepe showed us a beautiful land, with a strong contrast between the two beautiful volcanos and a massive lake. It ends with a early morning ride back to the ferry from the same guy who dropped us off. The sight from the ferry is one of the highlights of this land. With calm waters and blue skies, we are given a picturesque send off by the two giants on the lake.

Lodging: Hospedaje Buena Vista
Kitchen: No
Cost: $30 (3 beds)
Date: Late 2014
Rating: 3/5
Review: Cleanliness could be better, no mosquito nets or window nets. You are not allowed to bring outside drinks. Restaurant was closed for 3/4 days. Breakfast was really basic.