[:en]The plan all along was to hike up Telica Volcano but before, we would spend one night at the BigFoot’s Beach House in Las Peñitas. We would leave Leon for a few hours of beach time to quench our thirst for salt water.
We got on their free shuttle, a early 80’s/90’s military truck painted bright orange that would take us directly to the hostel, the ride took about 25 minutes. It’s a popular thing to do from Leon, our truck was quite full. Multiple languages spoken, couples, singles, groups.
We arrived to a beach house with a massive yard up front where about 10 tents are set up. In the back, the main house. A villa style house with a pool and an outdoor sitting area. We were taken to a room set up in what appeared to have been a sitting/reading area at some point, later we are told that it was setup to accommodate the many partiers that came to their monthly pool party and tonight that was where we would sleep.
The beach is a mere 10 meters from the pool. The break right outside the Beach House is not surfable and almost not swimmable but a couple of minutes south, the waves seemed quite nice. This time, there was no time to explore. We order some food and notice that the population of the beach house doubled since our arrival a few hours back; a quick trip to the bar and we were told that there would be a party tonight. People will be coming by truck over the next couple of hours.
At this point, I am thinking we made a mistake by coming here since what we wanted was a bit of peace and quiet. This beach house is filling up with early 20-somethings with one goal in mind: booze. I go around to investigate the outcome of the night. In my head, I wont be sleeping anytime soon. I am assured that most of the ravelers will be going on on the last truck of the evening, at 1 am. There was nothing else to do but, partake.
Before drinks/debauchery, we explored the nearby breaks and took in the sunset. Like anywhere else on the west coast, the sunset was incredible. And now we are ready for idontknowhat. A couple of drinks in and population at the house reached its max, people are now jumping in the pool without any regard for wallets/phones/shoes, the manager of the hostel orders the bartender to give a shot of (really cheap) tequila. We drank it and immediately regret it, it burns. A few more cocktails in and we are now part of the crowd, mingling and talking with random people about the trip. Soon enough, more shots, more rum.
We are one of them.

-Lodging: BigFoot Hostel Beach House
-Kitchen: No
-Date: November 2014
-Rating: 3.5/5
-Review: Loud, drunken, party. Expect nothing less. From the creators of one of the biggest party hostels in Guatemala, comes it’s beach version.