[:en]If you Google Flores, El Salvador, a thousand photos of beautiful waves show up. It’s another Mecca for surfers all over the world. It’s got places for super rich surfers, where you can pay up to 150USD a day, all inclusive deal or the little hostel right on the beach called Mama Cata at 10USD/night. We stayed at her place for 3 nights in her 10 room hostel that is decorated by thousand of surfing related stickers and some locals surfboards that are put away in the rafters to not have to haul them from wherever they come from.
 Mama Cata is an older woman who has been dealing with many gringos for a very long time, she’s a short tempered, really nice lady who employs many local women. They offered modest dinner for a good price and in our case, cooked up the ingredients we brought from our “Thanksgiving dinner” that never happened. I handed one the girls, a lot of chicken, potatoes, vegetable and they turned that into one of the best meals we’ve had while traveling. It was also enough to feed all 5 of us.
To Christian’s misfortune the waves were nowhere near as awesome as our meal. The surf was flat. Really flat. We spent more time playing around in the tiny waves than really worrying about it, thought. And when we were not just hanging out we were drinking Flor de Caña and delicious fresh seafood straight from the fishermen who lived a few steps from the hostel. Oysters and big, big shrimp were our favorites. All this thanks to Balta and his many connections, as he used to work here as well.
As a popular destination, the most famous hostel is La Tortuga Verde. On the second day, we ventured out in search of this hostel that sat right on the beach not too far from where we were, based on the very specific instructions by the locals; “walk straight on the beach for 25-30 min. You can’t miss it”. One and half hours later and we still see no sight of it. Almost two and we see it, a few kilometers more than what they had told us. We had lunch at this Hostel and some juice. We were there to figure out their bus routes from the hostel into Nicaragua but it turned out to be a lot more expensive than what wanted to pay. A lot more expensive. After a few quick chats with some locals we figured out that the best way was to take two buses, one from las Flores to San Miguel and from there to La Union, the last port city in El Salvador where we needed to get our passports stamped and where we would find a boat to take us across the Fonseca Gulf that El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua share.
Instead of walking back, I talked to a couple of guys who, to me, seemed to work with taxis and were walking back towards their vehicle. I asked if they could take us, they agreed but said that they only had a little cube van, I wasn’t sure what they meant, in my head they still were taxi drivers but I was not gonna complain. As we get closer to the cars I see the cube van, with bank logos all over it. As it turned out, they were not taxi drivers. They worked for the bank and were delivering some POS system to the hostel. We piled up in the little van and they kindly drove us back into town.

The evenings were easy with rum and fresh seafood from the local fishermen. Beautiful sunsets from multiple locations and the hostel for our private use and also a private beach or seemed liked it since there was no one, ever.

Our farewell to the “pirate” happened while getting on a chicken bus the next morning. A hug and a promise to come back to this beautiful land at some point in the (hopefully) not very distant future and a gazillion of beautiful memories with everyone we met. A lot of people (this post was written a while after we visited) have asked me about Salvador and I have nothing but love for this land. It’s people, the price tag (that can be expensive, if you stick to the guide books) and the many different and beautiful spots. I am very thankful to not have skipped it and now, onto Nicaragua.

-Lodging: Mama Catas
-Kitchen: No
-Cost:~$15USD for a private room. (3 beds)
-Date: November 2014
-Rating: 3/5
-Review: Small rooms with even smaller bathrooms. Not the cleanest of hostels but, you will be spending most of your time outside. The staff (Mama Cata’s family) is really nice. Bring ingredients and have them cook for an even cheaper better experience.