[:en]Granada its known for its colonial architecture, its beautiful churches and as a tourism hub. It connects travelers heading to southern Nicaragua, as a starting point to visit the Laguna de Apoyo or in our case, to visit Omete.
Our arrival to Granada from Leon, was an uneventful and tiring adventure. We barely made it back to Leon from Telica volcano with enough time to have a quick lunch and jumped on a minibus that would take us through Managua, where we had to switch buses, and then to Granada. We arrive shortly after sundown without any reservation or place to sleep but with the general knowledge of where the hostels were. We chose a little hospedaje next to the Bearded Monkey. Being too tired to cook (the hostel offered a full kitchen), we had a traditional nicaraguan meal with a toña and headed to bed.
The following day we headed to Laguna Apoyo, a volcanic lake that sits about 35 min away from Granada, its a popular destination for people who come to the area. A bus would drop us off at the entrance of the one and only road leading to the lake and then, after bargaining with the taxi drivers, we made it. As far as a touristic attraction, it didn’t have much to offer, it was a nice break from the salt water we had grown so fond of but there was not much else to do. Slightly pricier that Granada, we swam (tried to snorkel, but the decline from the shore is quite steep), drank a few beers after lunch and lounged on hammocks for the afternoon. Our ride back into town was as simple as the way in with nothing to report. All we had to do was keep an eye open to see where we would get off.
The night winded down with a meal prepared in house and some more brews.

-Lodging: No Name hostel (next to Entre Amigos, same street as Bearded Monkey)
-Kitchen: yes
-Cost: $20 (4 beds)
-Date: Late 2014
-Rating: 3.5/5
-Review: Overall, an good spot to spend the night and explore the city. Clean bathrooms and an ok kitchen.