[:en]Costeño Beach is a gringo  run hostel set on a beach on the north side of the Sierra Nevada. It features camping, hammocks, shared rooms, private rooms and huts. We spent 3 nights in this little piece of paradise after our two days stay in Tayrona and it was fantastic.

The atmosphere was a great mix of beach and jungle. It’s highlights is a common area with a yoga deck, hammocks, beach chairs, slackline and little further away, a beach volleyball court. The whole facility is solar powered, so electricity is only available during the day and stops working at 6pm. Wifi is also not available unless it’s an emergency, in which case you’d have to use their tablet to do your thing. This setting allowed for constant interaction between travelers/guests and that’s exactly how we met Mitch and Kerra-Lee, (both from the land down under), Dominique from The Netherlands and Nina, from Germany.

They feature a family-style dinner every night, they not only catered to veggies but also to celiacs and we found out this because Kerra-Lee is a veggie and Danielle’s celiac were taken into full account when preparing the dishes.

Our days at Costeño beach were spent with breakfast prepared for us by the helpful staff in the kitchen, reading books while hanging out by the hammocks, enjoying our freshly made lunch, and then enjoy the afternoon while watching the waves break on the beach. There’s not a whole lot near the hostel but chances are that you’re not looking to spend your time here wondering about, but instead just relaxing by the water.


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