[:en]After weeks of nonstop adventure/moving/doing things, Antigua showed up in our lives as an idyllic mirage in the desert. It provided us with all the (fancy stuff) normal things we were used to in San Francisco such as restaurants, nightlife and entertainment.
Antigua sits surrounded by volcanoes and mountains. Everywhere you look, theres some sort of formation. The city itself is paved in cobble stones as the local government tries to maintain the colonial look of the city and they are doing a very good job at it. The city itself is under UNESCO protection and it easy to see that the locals want to keep that status.
We stayed at a young hostel called La Terraza as in, well, you guessed it, the terrace. I met a few memorable people and a lot more that I wish I had not. We visited museums, chocolate factories, Jesus and a handful of bars, all with the same backpacking vibe with a hundred dudes ready to mount you at the smallest of chance. And one of those nights we met Lauren, a geeky Australian girl who was manning the terrace bar, she made us some very stiff drinks and maybe that’s how/why we are friends now. Or maybe her good looks and charm. But just like that we were instant friends, chatting about video editing and geeking out about gear. At the end of our stay she told us she would come find us a few days after, that we needed to wait for her in El Salvador. We will see what happens.
Relationships while traveling are quite easy to make, there are usually no hard feelings at the end and one just moves on knowing that whenever you get to that city/place/country where those friends are from you will see them again. Antigua was a crossroads where we not only made new friends, but also where we lost our UK life commentators, Luke and Martin, as they had to leave to catch a flight from Panama City in only a few weeks and could not continue at our pace.
It also marked the end of our time in Guatemala. I wish I could find better words to describe what we lived there but I think that “absofuckingtastic” could cover it. We leave this land completely sure that people are missing out when they skip this country or when they breeze through. It’s a land of beautiful humans and even better sights and adventure spots. I’m sure many spots were missed and its likely we could have spent two months going strong every day. But I leave happy and thankful.
And with a promise of return.

-Lodging: La Terazza
-Kitchen: No, restaurant
-Cost:~$9 USD for a dorm.
-Date: Nov 2014
-Rating: 3/5
-Review: Though it had a nice restaurant with the cheapest breakfast we could find ($2-3) the majority of the staff, including the manager, was very rude so it colored our experience.