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What is [be lost]?

Be Lost is about living, seeing and remembering. It’s a journal and a thought-vault. It’s about taking chances and saying yes to just about anything. It’s about getting to know this beautiful world and the experiences that make it all worthwhile. It’s about making choices and living with them, it’s about leaving it all behind and getting on the road with no set plan, allowing yourself to be lost. It’s about being open to meeting new people, seeing new places, eating different dishes. It’s about realizing that we don’t need much to be happy and searching for that happiness on oceans, rivers, lakes, small winding roads, bustling city squares, and great wide forests. It’s about life.

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Our travel journals

Our travel journal documents each of our destinations, with entertaining tales of our adventures and beautiful photos to transport you there.

We include helpful details about how to get there and where to stay, especially for remote locations with limited information available.

We’ve met inspiring people while travelling, so some of the posts are written by the individuals that made each destination memorable. We hope they bring a smile to your face and a spark to your inner adventurer.


The best part about travelling is the people you meet. They influence how you see a city, a country. The best ones influence you well after you’ve gone home, altering your opinions and how you see the world.

We created profiles of some of the remarkable, thought provoking and interesting people we’ve met on the way. People who bravely challenge life, rather than sitting by. People to inspire you to chase your dreams, whatever they are.

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